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Limited Edition Garden Shed for Sale

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Are you looking for a Different Garden Shed for Sale? Look no further than Smith and Brown! We have the perfect Limited Edition garden shed available for purchase.

This Post Office Shed is one of our Limited Edition Sheds – Rest Assured – you will be the only person in your area to own one. 

Our Post Office Shed for Sale is constructed using Axxis Steel Framing, ensuring durability and strength. With an NZ Steel Roof and V Cladding, you can trust that our sheds are built to withstand New Zealand conditions.

This Garden Shed for Sale measures 4m wide by 2m deep, providing ample space for your storage needs. The steel framing used in our sheds guarantees a straight and stable structure, resulting in an excellent finish.

Thanks to the roll-forming technology employed in steel framing, you can expect high dimensional accuracy, ensuring consecutive walls, square corners, and an overall superior appearance. Axxis® steel, developed and tested by New Zealand Steel, offers exceptional quality and longevity.

It is galvanized with a 100% zinc coating for ultimate protection, backed by a 50-year Durability Statement. Rest assured, Axxis® steel will endure the test of time, providing you with a reliable and long-lasting Garden Shed.

Garden Shed Prices and Sizes

We offer a 4m by 2m Garden Shed for Sale priced at $7995.00, excluding freight charges. You have two options: the flat pack option or paying an additional $500.00 to deliver the frames pre-assembled. Opting for pre-assembled frames is ideal if you prefer not to engage in DIY or are short on time. We also sell a Large Garden Shed.

At Smith and Brown, we have a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) on staff whose primary role is to ensure your garden shed project goes smoothly. The LBP is available by phone to guide you through the garden shed build, and you can even reach him on Saturdays. Having a builder on your side is incredibly useful, especially if you’re working with a third party to lay the foundation. Our builder can provide insights and advice (ensuring you don’t overspend).

The cost to freight your new Garden Shed costs $500.00 for North Island or $600.00 for South Island. After receiving your payment, the lead time for our Garden Sheds is approximately one month. Your shed will be delivered in two trucks—one containing the steel framing and the other carrying the roofing and cladding materials.

About Smith and Brown Garden Sheds

Smith and Brown, the sister company of Smith and Co Farm Sheds, follows the same design approach for our Garden Sheds and Farm Sheds. We understand the importance of durability, especially considering the occasional harsh weather conditions in New Zealand. Our Garden Sheds are specifically engineered to withstand these challenging conditions.

If you’re in the market for a Garden Shed that will stand the test of time, look no further than Smith and Brown. Our Garden Sheds are built with the same steel-framed construction as our farm sheds, known for their exceptional strength and resilience.

They are designed to endure high winds and even earthquakes, making them an excellent choice for areas prone to natural disasters. The use of light steel framing in our sheds guarantees superior precision.

Our steel roll-forming machines ensure that all framing components are manufactured with utmost accuracy, resulting in minimal rework during construction. Thanks to these precise construction methods, our build times are faster, providing you with a more efficient experience.

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Whats not included in our Garden Sheds for Sale

Our Garden Sheds for Sale don’t include -The foundation, wooden plywood door, ply soffits, and Building paper are not included. The cost of these materials is cheaper to buy at Bunnings than it is for us to transport them to you. If you need someone to make the plywood door we recommend the men’s shed – this can be done for a small donation. 

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